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Fire & Safety Electrician Services

Fire & Safety Division

R&L is a company built on relationships. The owner and employees are dedicated to the customers and the work they perform. The commitment and attention to quality goes far beyond installing and servicing systems. We believe the products and services we offer must be of the highest quality. We pride ourselves on our broad range of knowledge and experience with many different systems. We believe that being well educated on the product and knowledgeable on the industry and its latest trends, policies, procedures rules and codes help with customer satisfaction. The long lasting relationship built on trust and integrity allows everyone the comfort of knowing the product and applications are performing to the specifications they were made for.

R&L offers design, engineering, inspection, monitoring, repair, and training in fire alarm, and monitoring. We operate 24/7 and provide a trained staff for repairs or scheduled maintenance. We are just a phone call away.

Fire & Safety Products

 Fire and Safety Services


Fire & Safety Electrical Products

Fire Alarm

Some systems are only a few devices and some may have several hundred. If you need a sprinkler system monitored, suppression for a critical area, voice evacuation, or just notification, R&L has the most versatile of equipment that can meet any budget. When thinking of survivability for a large company; life safety is of utmost importance. It is not only a requirement of the local jurisdiction and vast governing bodies, but usually your insurance company as well. You can rest assured that R&L will be there the entire time assisting each step of the way; whether it's development of a plan, or designing, installing and servicing a system. R&L has provided system installation and service for shell buildings, core systems for multi-tenant and high-rise buildings, medical institutions, schools, and retail facilities. All of our technicians hold current licensing through the State Fire Marshalls office and all technicians are factory trained and certified on Hochiki products.


Nurse Call Systems

R&L Electric, Inc. offeres nurse call systems for the healtchare industry. These systems range from small basic call systems to hospital-grade. Our services include system design, installation, service and maintenance. Wireless nurse call systems are also available.



monitoring and GPS trackingIs vehicle theft a concern? Want to know if your delivery truck made it to the drop point on time? Is your child where they said they would be? Is your tractor or your container still where you left it? What ever the case may be R&L has the solution for tracking your vehicles and other assets. Our systems can tell you how fast the vehicle is moving, where it was last parked, if it has traveled outside a predefined boundary and much more. But, it's more than tracking the location of your vehicle or how fast it is traveling. Add value to your vehicle and prolong its life; be certain that what you left behind is still there.


Fire & Safety Electrical Services

System Design

As an engineer, architect, or contractor, you can tap decades of fire and safety system design experience with a call to 817-613-0819.

Whether you need help refining a design for a nurse call system, creating specs for an access control system for an office building, or finding the right manufacturers for components of a fire alarm system, R&L Electric, Inc. will work with you to create a stand-out design, even on a quick submittal.

For property owners, R&L Electric, Inc. will give you a safety or fire system design that is complete, accurate, code compliant, innovative and economical to build.

Breadth of Fire and Safety System Design Experience

R&L Electric has provided fire and safety system design for projects ranging from small tenant improvements to large assisted living facilities, from office complexes to luxury hotels, and from restaurants to big box retail stores.

Available services include:

    • Conceptual design
    • Design development
    • Fire alarm system design
    • Nurse call system design
    • Intercom and emergency notification system design
    • Access control system design
    • Intrusion detection system design
    • Monitoring or GPS tracking system design
    • Security camera system design

Call R&L Electric, Inc. in Weatherford, TX at 817.613.0819 for expert fire and safety system design.



R&L can translate your fire and safety system design into a set of blue prints or a complete submittal package. Get delivery in the format or combination of formats you need - printed plans, CDs, or drawing spec books.

Exceptional Fire and Safety System Engineering

Because R&L Electric, Inc. has years of experience in design, in writing specifications, and in translating them into creative solutions, we know where to cut costs without cutting corners.

Let us translate your design into a set of plans or a full submittal package. Call Dallas-Fort Worth-based R&L Electric, Inc. today at 817-613-0819.

System Inspections

Whether you're responsible for one facility in Dallas-Fort Worth or many throughout Texas, doing business with R&L's Fire & Safety Division makes it simple for you to meet all inspection requirements.

R&L Electric, Inc. is a Reliable Partner for Your Fire & Safety System Inspections:

    • Single vendor for all fire and safety system inspections - How much easier would it be for you if you had one vendor for all of your safety system and fire system inspections? R&L does it all: quarterly Texas nurse call system inspections, fire alarm inspections, fire suppression system inspections to alarm system inspections.
    • Consolidated billing for all inspection services - Easy accounting for all inspection services.
    • Timely reminders of needed fire and safety system inspections - You'll get notice of upcoming inspections so you can stay in compliance.
    • Easy access to technician notes and completed inspection reports - Whether you need to report inspection results to corporate or prove compliance to a Fire Marshall's office, you can get copies of your current and past inspection reports.
    • Offsite backup of your fire and safety inspection reports - Even if your inspection reports are lost, we can provide you with proof of compliance.
    • Fire and safety inspectors who are considerate of your operations - With years of experience, R&L Electric, Inc.'s qualified inspectors know how to test your systems without disrupting your daily operations.

If your current fire and safety system inspection company isn't giving you this level of service, call Ft Worth-based R&L Electric's Fire & Safety Division today at 817-613-0819.



24-7 monitoring from R&L is a cost-effective way to protect your property, profits, and people.

See What You've Been Missing

Even when you're away, you can:

    • Watch video of your loading dock.
    • Know who just opened the safe.
    • Find out where your delivery drivers are.
    • Verify that all the money is going in the register at your bar or restaurant.
    • Check your sales floor.
    • Play archived video or audio.

Call R&L at 817-613-0819 to see how monitoring can lower your insurance costs and increase your peace of mind.

Monitoring Services for Business: R&L Advantages

    • Cost-effective business monitoring - Intrusion detection, fire alarm systems, GPS tracking, or other mission-critical monitoring systems.
    • 1-bill convenience - One statement for all of your business monitoring services.
    • Volume discounts - Cut your monitoring costs with volume discounts for monitoring.
    • Reliability - For more than a decade, R&L Electric, Inc. has been helping businesses in Fort Worth, Texas and across the nation protect their mission-critical assets.

Call 817-613-0819 to get a quote on monitoring services for your business.


Repair and Service

Need emergency service on a fire and safety system anywhere in Texas? Want a reliable company to provide annual inspections and repairs?

R&L Electric, Inc.'s trained and certified techs can do the job. Call us at 817-613-0819.

    • 24-7 emergency repair of fire and safety systems.
    • Guaranteed response times in Weatherford, Duncan, Dallas-Fort Worth, and throughout Texas.
    • Thorough inspection and fast repair of fire alarm systems, access control systems, CCTV surveillance systems, intrusion detection systems, nurse call systems—R&L's full product line.
    • Win-Win fire and safety service and inspection agreements.

The Typical Fire and Safety Service Agreement...

...leaves a lot to be desired.

If you've ever received second-rate service because you were stuck in a contract...

Or paid a large fee to terminate a multi-year inspection and service agreement...

Or found that your agreement has a self-renewing clause buried in the small print...

You probably feel like the agreement wasn't a win-win.

R&L has been successful in earning loyalty from our fire and safety inspection and repair clients because our agreements are different.

The R&L Difference

    • Terminate for the price of a postage stamp: Give us 30-day notice and you're out of the agreement for any reason.
    • No up-front payments: You pay for inspections and repairs as they are performed.
    • Lock in today's fire and safety system inspection and repair prices: Your pricing is guaranteed not to increase for the term of your agreement.
    • Set the terms you want: 1, 3, or 5-year fire and safety system inspection and service plans.
    • Save on fire and safety system inspections and repairs: Services rendered under an agreement are less costly than ordering individual repairs or inspections.

How do we win?

    • Loyalty from clients who appreciate a service agreement that's straightforward and fair.
    • Predictable revenue from fire and safety system inspections and repairs.

To schedule a fire or safety system repair or ask about our inspection and service agreements, call R&L at 817-613-0819.



Weatherford, Texas-based R&L Electric, Inc. offers training on all of the fire and safety systems in our product line.

    • Expert fire and safety system instructors: You will be taught by someone with years of experience installing, servicing, and teaching about fire and safety systems.
    • Customized fire and safety system training: Opening a new facility. Hiring new people. Installing a new system. Retraining because key people have left. R&L will make sure your people know how to use your safety systems in an emergency.
    • On-site fire systems training: Most people learn better by seeing and doing, so R&L Electric, Inc's trainers do live training at your facility.
    • Video fire & safety system training: As a General Contractor, when you must provide an owners or property managers with recorded fire & safety systems training, you can count on R&L.

To learn more about our fire & safety products training or to schedule a trainer, call R&L Electric, Inc. at 817-613-0819.